Bovine Serum Contract Manufacturing

Client Customization

Specification Packaging
Private Label Supply

Supply chain partnership

As direct source producer, we offer you manufacturing costing and quality advantages for your worldwide upstream business and distribution networks to global customer markets.

Customized Client Requirements

We produce bovine serum to industry standards. Additionally, as a direct source manufacturer, Pristine Biologicals has production and laboratory testing flexibilities for meeting varied customized client requirements for volume manufacturing. 

Business Focus

Pristine Biologicals is direct source manufacturer of New Zealand premium bovine serum free of FMD/BSE/TSE/ all list A diseases.

The business focus is on bulk supplying global vaccine manufacturers and custom packaging contract manufacturing services for life sciences media culture global distribution brands.

Manufacturing Facility Certifications

GMP manufacturing facility

Bovine blood is collected from US / EU approved largest meat producer in New Zealand under MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries, New Zealand) veterinarian supervision in a controlled environment.

Business Partnership

We provide contract manufacturing services with client transparency for processes, quality, specifications and onsite audits. Private labeling manufacturing is under client specifications for packaging, labelling and branding.